For example, GIANT cannot guarantee the following listed issues.

  1. Damage caused by unwanted materials as in the hydraulic system.
  2. Damage caused by contamination of hydraulic oil or liquids.
  3. Damage caused by use of parts other than the original GIANT product.
  4. Damage caused by changes to the product that were not authorized or approved by GIANT.
  5. Damage caused by improper use, inspection or maintenance procedure described in GIANT manual.
  6. Damage caused by overload during use and beyond the estimated operating capacity.
  7. Small changes in color or external color changes and wear over time.
  8. Damage caused to the product by falling during transport.
  9. When the serial number of the product is damaged or changed.
  10. Warranty parts that do not belong to this warranty are as follows:
Hammer box3 monthsDamage during use
Linings3 monthsDamage during use
Locking bolt3 monthsDamage due to abnormal use
Gaskets3 monthsDamage due to unwanted materials in oil and cylinder.
Membrane3 monthsDamaged due to bolt loosening incorrect gas pressure or incorrect use.
Accumulator3 monthsImproper use
Assembly bolts6 monthsDamage due to the bolts being loose or affected
Side bolt3 monthsDamage by loosening or external influences
Valve body6 monthsDamage due to side bolts loosening, too high pressure due to incorrect adjustment of internal pressure.
Cylinder24 monthsDamage due to rust or unwanted material in oil
Hammer lower part Hammer upper part Piston Valve24 monthsDamage due to rust or unwanted material in oil, incorrect woodpecker or incorrectly mounted woodpecker or faulty linings.

3. Prosedyre for krav og virkemidler

  1. Measures in accordance with warranty requirements are limited to new products, which are sold to the customer within 24 months. In addition, the customer or dealer must contact Mathisen Masking AS within 15 days from the date of damage.
  2. When a customer or dealer sends a damage report to Mathisen Masking AS with a claim for compensation during the warranty period, he or she must provide Mathisen Maskin AS with a completed service report delivered together with the product and any other available evidence such as photographs.
  3. Mathisen Maskin AS has the right to inspect damaged parts, and if GIANT asks the customer to send the damaged part back, the customer or dealer must comply with the request and the Customer must pay shipping.
  4. Repair work under warranty is limited to replacement of damaged parts or compensate with part price. No compensation for lost income, for transportation, will be accepted.
  5. General domestic and sea transport of the product will be approved, but special transport use such as air courier or express delivery must be approved before shipment from Mathisen Masking AS.

4. Guarantee succession

Upon sale or donation within the warranty period, the remainder of the warranty will be transferred to new owners.